The Ordinary Moments - 20/365

As a mother I like to cook good home made evening meals for my girls, the way my mum did for me and my brother when we were young but we decided last night to have an impromptu trip to Mcdonalds since Lana woke up late from her nap and we knew it was going to be a later bed time than usual. So we thought we would go out and let her burn off some energy and eat out.

This weekend has appeared to be anything but ordinary. The girls ended up going to bed at 8pm and sleeping right through until 9.30 this morning! This evening they are having a sleepover with Nanny and we are having a little date night for Superbowl Sunday.  I'm not really a fan of American football.. or any football, but Mike is and is a Patriots fan so it will be nice just to spend some time alone, even if it does involve football.

The photos below were taken on a Samsung S4


  1. We hardly ever get MacDonalds either so when we do the kids love it! x

  2. Ah gorgeous, their little hats are so cute. And would you believe my kids don't like McDonalds? Random! ;) Enjoy your date night for the football! :)

  3. I treated mine to the occasional MaccyD's as a rare treat it felt more fun for them and it gives you a chance to just all be served together so you can just enjoy being together. Ordinary moments are really often the extraordinary. I just came over from A Paige at A Time as she nominated you for a Liebster I can see why.