It barely seems like 5 minutes have passed since our beautiful 8lb 14.5oz baby girl was born on a sunny February Friday at 6.59pm. Yet next month that pouting little pink bundle is going to be turning 3.

My heart breaks a little when I realise that she is no longer a baby, or even a toddler really. She is a proper little girl who seems older than her years.

Farrah is the epitome of 'girl'. Her favourite things in life are pink and frilly and pretty and I adore having these things fill my life and my home.

Every room is littered with parts of her... barbie dolls, princesses, little pastel coloured outfits, sparkly hair ties, and our walls and fridge freezer covered with the paintings and drawings that she has given to us, squeeling with delight "Happy birthday!!".

Her second year of life has been my favourite so far. When she turned 2 she could talk in the usual toddler manner and she is entering her third year talking in full sentences and becoming a definite 'Threenager'.

She makes me laugh every day and I will be sad when I finally have to share her with the world. She starts nursery this April and can not wait to start "school" and "do homework like Horrid Henry", (whom scarily appears to be becoming one of her idols, among Elsa (Frozen), Belle (Beauty & The Beast) and Katy Perry.)

At the moment she refers to me as her best friend and before long she will be independently making her own friends and I wish I could be a fly on the wall to watch her learn and interact and live life outside of her familial cocoon.

That being said... I can't wait to see what Chapter 3 brings.

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