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We've not even finished January and i'm already slacking!  It's been so busy the past few weeks and the weather is miserable and the light is miserable and i've been using my phone more than my camera, just because it's usually in reach and the whole point of this blog is for me NOT to do that.

We are (impatiently) waiting for Spring to start and we have lots of lovely plans to look forward to, including a little holiday, which is when I think this space will be absolutely flooded with pictures. 

Farrah is starting nursery very soon so we have potty trained this month, (which i've done a post on and will add it soon) and she is a star. I'm so proud of her. Of course, because Farrah is using the big girl toilet, Lana wants to be right there watching and using the big girl toilet as well, so we may give that a whirl in April while Farrah is away being a social butterfly.

It's going to be weird only having one child at home to look after. On the rare occasion when i've had just one todder instead of two, it feels like a little holiday because there is no one whacking anyone, or pulling hair, or fighting over toys, or destroying my house while i'm dealing with other said toddler. I'm a tiny bit excited to have some real one on one time with Lana every day..

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  1. What a lovely selfie! Congrats on Farrah being Potty trained. I dread the day I have to do this! Love your sea picture too. Looks so relaxing. Thanks for linking to #frameitfriday