Never Work With Children Or Animals?! - 19/365

Who knew that it is easier to get a cat to stay still for a photograph than it is a child?

17, 18/365

We've not even finished January and i'm already slacking!  It's been so busy the past few weeks and the weather is miserable and the light is miserable and i've been using my phone more than my camera, just because it's usually in reach and the whole point of this blog is for me NOT to do that.

We are (impatiently) waiting for Spring to start and we have lots of lovely plans to look forward to, including a little holiday, which is when I think this space will be absolutely flooded with pictures. 

Farrah is starting nursery very soon so we have potty trained this month, (which i've done a post on and will add it soon) and she is a star. I'm so proud of her. Of course, because Farrah is using the big girl toilet, Lana wants to be right there watching and using the big girl toilet as well, so we may give that a whirl in April while Farrah is away being a social butterfly.

It's going to be weird only having one child at home to look after. On the rare occasion when i've had just one todder instead of two, it feels like a little holiday because there is no one whacking anyone, or pulling hair, or fighting over toys, or destroying my house while i'm dealing with other said toddler. I'm a tiny bit excited to have some real one on one time with Lana every day..

Living ArrowsFrame it Friday


Just a random picture for today. We've been busy at BabyBallet and visiting relatives all day. One little monster also has the sniffles so I am looking forward to a lazy day tomorrow!

Happy Friday 15/365

We've had a lovely day today. We've not done loads... just a bit of shopping and pretend tea parties with our teddy friends, but i'm really starting to enjoy the girls more now they are at an age were they are fun and give more back. No one has had a tantrum today which is an amazing feat for our little household!

Living ArrowsFrame it Friday

The Lakes 11,12,13,14/365

We had a lovely little holiday to the Lake District last weekend with family. It was so nice to have a change of scenery but now I have holiday blues and am counting down the days until our next little holiday.

A few pics from our time away...


Myself and Farrah decided to create some Pinterest piggies this afternoon!

I'm not the best of cooks (read, awful) so we got some good old Betty Crocker Caramel Cupcake mix along with some awful 'Frozen' cupcake mix because I wasn't about to deal with a Frozen induced meltdown in the middle of Asda while holding a basket, controlling a pram and an 1 toddler who was roaming free. I'm not even going to waste pixels on the mess that they came out.

Behold our giant nosed, pink piggies. I think they look a bit more cow-like than pig-like! We had fun anyway while Lana napped.


Day 7... my little cheeky faced monkey enjoying her bedtime bath (along with soaking every available surface!).

I don't think I will ever go back to my kit lens. I've spotted another one I would like but it's over a grand so i'm very much doubting I will be allowed that anytime soon... or ever, considering we have a wedding to save for.

Living Arrows


It barely seems like 5 minutes have passed since our beautiful 8lb 14.5oz baby girl was born on a sunny February Friday at 6.59pm. Yet next month that pouting little pink bundle is going to be turning 3.

My heart breaks a little when I realise that she is no longer a baby, or even a toddler really. She is a proper little girl who seems older than her years.

Farrah is the epitome of 'girl'. Her favourite things in life are pink and frilly and pretty and I adore having these things fill my life and my home.

Every room is littered with parts of her... barbie dolls, princesses, little pastel coloured outfits, sparkly hair ties, and our walls and fridge freezer covered with the paintings and drawings that she has given to us, squeeling with delight "Happy birthday!!".

Her second year of life has been my favourite so far. When she turned 2 she could talk in the usual toddler manner and she is entering her third year talking in full sentences and becoming a definite 'Threenager'.

She makes me laugh every day and I will be sad when I finally have to share her with the world. She starts nursery this April and can not wait to start "school" and "do homework like Horrid Henry", (whom scarily appears to be becoming one of her idols, among Elsa (Frozen), Belle (Beauty & The Beast) and Katy Perry.)

At the moment she refers to me as her best friend and before long she will be independently making her own friends and I wish I could be a fly on the wall to watch her learn and interact and live life outside of her familial cocoon.

That being said... I can't wait to see what Chapter 3 brings.


I missed a day! ...Well I didn't but I took a picture on my phone for something else and I didn't want to upload it here.

I got my new lens... the Nikon Nikkor AF-S 35mm F/1.8g! I got way too impatient to wait for next day delivery from Amazon and nowhere else seemed to have it in stock apart from one little Currys store.

I L.O.V.E it already. I think children + this new baby may take some getting used to until I figure out how not to make them melt into the background but we are fast friends with inanimate objects already.

So my day 5 pic... is a blue pony from within my first 5 minutes of attaching the lens to the body, just because it's so colourful!


Another evening shot since that's all time would allow yesterday (also need to figure out how to reduce noise!?). I spent the daylight hours painting and flat-packing and sweet talking the other half into letting me get my first prime lens.

I've been looking at the 50mm f/1.8 and the 35mm f/1.8g, mainly for photographing the kids and the bokeh aspect, so i'm hoping to one of those before the end of this week!

Liverpool - 2/365

The first picture I have ever taken in the dark of a skyline without it just being little coloured dots on a black background. This picture was taken around 5pm, the sun had set around an hour before. 

Happy New Year! - 1/365

Happy New Year! This is day 1 of my 365, and it's nothing special because I forgot to take my camera charger to my parent's where we went for the afternoon.  Currently relaxing since every day has been jam packed for the past few weeks and I am dead on my feet this evening!