Farrah's 3rd Birthday! #28/365

Yesterday, eldest daughter turned 3! I thought I would cry, but I didn't. It's hard to be sad that your baby is no longer a baby when they are so excited. This is the first year she has really understood what a 'birthday' is.

She has spent the past week counting down how many sleeps she had left until it was her day, at first, not quite grasping the concept that pretend sleep didn't count, but we got there in the end.

Mike had already left for work so we opened all but her main gift; A Rapunzel princess dress, Ariel Toddler Doll, new shoes, socks, and some clothes. Her main gift was the Ozbozz 'My First Scooter' in pink.

Mike was given a half day so we spent the rest of the day visiting family and finally collapsed at home at around 8.30pm.  Today we are having a lazy day at home and I've put as little as possible on my to do list.

Tomorrow Farrah has her second settling in session at nursery, ready for when her 3 year funding comes in in April.  I'm hoping to put her in for 3 afternoons per week between 1pm and 6pm.  I was considering a full day but I think 10 hours (8am - 6pm) is just too long for a toddler who is not used to a nursery setting so I think breaking it up would be the best option for us and her.

She really enjoyed her first session yesterday.  I wasn't sure how she was going to take it, and she was quite standoffish at first but after 10 minutes she was off playing with the other children, having a ball so I don't think I will have anything to worry about when it comes to leaving her there on Friday for an hour.

All Change ~ 21-27/365 Photo Challenge

February is normally a pretty empty month... apart from Farrah's birthday and Valentines day, there's not much else going on... usually.

We have had a pretty manic two weeks! At the beginning of the month I basically begged on Facebook for someone to give my other half a new job. It was pretty much a virtual S.O.S to get him out of a hateful position in a firm which undervalued and underpaid it's staff and in 3.5 years has caused all manners of health and personal problems. It paid off!

He had an interview at a new firm on the 6th and was offered the position on the Monday and started his new role on Tuesday 17th.  I finally feel like I can relax a little now he is somewhere new. It means no more night shifts, more pay and it means that he won't be going ahead with his British Army application, which was the utmost last resort.

Both girls seem to be going through a phase were fighting is pretty much the order of the day, every day. This week especially has been tough. Usually, they will play together quite nicely while I do the bits and bobs I need to do. Yesterday morning I got both girls washed and dressed and had every intention of getting to the shops to buy some necessities and then arriving home for 12.00 so that we could have lunch, Lana could nap and I could start sorting through the huge amount of clothing that no longer fits them. It took 3 hours to get myself ready to leave after a morning full of tantrums. I had just about had a breakdown by the time I actually set foot out of the front door.  As much as I am an advocate of small age gaps among siblings and it is amazing 90% of the time, it definitely has it's moments when I wonder what the hell I was thinking.

Thankfully I have a close-knit group of mummies on Facebook who have been together for over 2.5 years, so there is pretty much always someone going through the same or similar to make you feel better.

On top of this curveball my little ladies have thrown me, nearly two weeks ago I thought it would be a fabulous idea to decorate the dining room, which has been in desperate need of some TLC for a long time.  I started it nearly two weeks ago and although the decorating is done it's still not finished due to having to stop literally every two minutes to tend to a little person's need(s).

I only have the furniture left to do now, which is the part I was looking forward to most. I ordered some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint after spending weeks looking for a way to upcycle furniture in the laziest way possible. And I have to say, although it is pretty expensive for such a small tin plus the wax, it is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. I'm waiting until this weekend to finish the dining room table and bookcase so that it can be done in peace while daddy takes over the parenting duties. I'm not going to say much more about that because I want to do a post on it soon.

A lot of the pictures from the last 2 weeks are phone pictures (I know!) but i'm hoping to get back on track next week.

The Ordinary Moments - 20/365

As a mother I like to cook good home made evening meals for my girls, the way my mum did for me and my brother when we were young but we decided last night to have an impromptu trip to Mcdonalds since Lana woke up late from her nap and we knew it was going to be a later bed time than usual. So we thought we would go out and let her burn off some energy and eat out.

This weekend has appeared to be anything but ordinary. The girls ended up going to bed at 8pm and sleeping right through until 9.30 this morning! This evening they are having a sleepover with Nanny and we are having a little date night for Superbowl Sunday.  I'm not really a fan of American football.. or any football, but Mike is and is a Patriots fan so it will be nice just to spend some time alone, even if it does involve football.

The photos below were taken on a Samsung S4

17, 18/365

We've not even finished January and i'm already slacking!  It's been so busy the past few weeks and the weather is miserable and the light is miserable and i've been using my phone more than my camera, just because it's usually in reach and the whole point of this blog is for me NOT to do that.

We are (impatiently) waiting for Spring to start and we have lots of lovely plans to look forward to, including a little holiday, which is when I think this space will be absolutely flooded with pictures. 

Farrah is starting nursery very soon so we have potty trained this month, (which i've done a post on and will add it soon) and she is a star. I'm so proud of her. Of course, because Farrah is using the big girl toilet, Lana wants to be right there watching and using the big girl toilet as well, so we may give that a whirl in April while Farrah is away being a social butterfly.

It's going to be weird only having one child at home to look after. On the rare occasion when i've had just one todder instead of two, it feels like a little holiday because there is no one whacking anyone, or pulling hair, or fighting over toys, or destroying my house while i'm dealing with other said toddler. I'm a tiny bit excited to have some real one on one time with Lana every day..

Living ArrowsFrame it Friday


Just a random picture for today. We've been busy at BabyBallet and visiting relatives all day. One little monster also has the sniffles so I am looking forward to a lazy day tomorrow!

Happy Friday 15/365

We've had a lovely day today. We've not done loads... just a bit of shopping and pretend tea parties with our teddy friends, but i'm really starting to enjoy the girls more now they are at an age were they are fun and give more back. No one has had a tantrum today which is an amazing feat for our little household!

Living ArrowsFrame it Friday

The Lakes 11,12,13,14/365

We had a lovely little holiday to the Lake District last weekend with family. It was so nice to have a change of scenery but now I have holiday blues and am counting down the days until our next little holiday.

A few pics from our time away...


Myself and Farrah decided to create some Pinterest piggies this afternoon!

I'm not the best of cooks (read, awful) so we got some good old Betty Crocker Caramel Cupcake mix along with some awful 'Frozen' cupcake mix because I wasn't about to deal with a Frozen induced meltdown in the middle of Asda while holding a basket, controlling a pram and an 1 toddler who was roaming free. I'm not even going to waste pixels on the mess that they came out.

Behold our giant nosed, pink piggies. I think they look a bit more cow-like than pig-like! We had fun anyway while Lana napped.